5 FREE Mobile Apps to Create Better Quality Instagram Content To Engage Followers

Now now, I am no professional photographer here - but I do know a thing or two about creating compelling content to tell your brand story for the good old Insty.

If you think that good quality Instagram photos require a big budget and resources, you’re wrong! There are plenty of free tools out there to create an engaging feed with a cool content!

PLOT TWIST - you do not need a laptop nor spend hundreds of dollars to nail your Instagram game!

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5 FREE Mobile Apps to Create Better Quality Instagram Content To Engage Followers

Here are my top 5 mobile apps that have helped me with my Instagram content creation workflow:

1. Planoly

Batch creating your content is a great way to save time, especially if content creation is not your forte. The main reason for choosing Planoly over other scheduling platforms is the ability to do the work on my desktop. If this is not a main consideration factor for you, other scheduling options that provide you with the gridview are PLANN and UNUM (this was the one that I was using prior to Planoly). The free version is sufficient for my business right now.

I batch create the social media quotes, edit images on my camera roll all at once, write the copy of for the images and schedule them every week for my @notsobasic.life account (as I am still tweaking the feed and testing some content.) But go ahead and batch create and schedule posts every fortnight or a month in advance!

I really enjoy the process of content creation so I do still spontaneous update with my personal channel @Adeline__Er

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If you can’t afford a graphic designer to whip up fancy, on-brand social media quotes, CANVA is your go-to platform to create your social media images (both for the feed AND for your stories.)

It is super intuitive, easy to use and have a tonne of templates for you to refer to! No blank canvas required - which is perfect if you are not a natural born creative like yours truly.

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3. Lightroom

I edit most of my photos in my Lightroom using the mobile, free version which takes many of my photos from a 5 to a 9 (if I may say so myself.) If editing photos just simply do not excite you at all, there are many influencers and bloggers have their “presets” up on sale, which is essentially like a customised filter for your photos.

Here are some of the best ones in the market:

General minimalist lifestyle and editorial - Presets by Jenny Wu Photography

Food - Presets by The Fit Foodie

Travel - Presets by The Ginger Wanderlust and Do You Travel

Disclaimer: I haven’t used any of these presets myself but I’ve been following their work on Instagram for a while.

4. Afterlight

Afterlight is the second most-used photo editing tool on my mobile phone. It is perfect if you want to add an extra character to your photo (think vintage) or add some “fake light” into your shot. I usually use this as an extra layer after editing my photos in Lightroom.

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5. Unfold

See those fancy collages on Instagram stories that you wish your brand or business have? Let me tell you a secret - they only take an extra minute to put together and you don’t need a Graphic Design certificate for that! All you need is the Unfold app on your phone! Again - I am only using the free version and it is enough for the content I am putting out! There you go - no more excuses for boring Instagram Stories content now!

Hopefully this article has helped make your Instagram content creation life a lot easier! Curated feed with cool aesthetic doesn't seem to far of a reach now is it? :) 

If you have used any of the above tools to edit your photos, would love for you to hashtag #YourDigitalNinjaIG so I can check out all your creation! 

Your Digital Ninja, 

PS: If you haven't already, please don't forget to download your FREE copy of Instagram Stories Content Ideas eBook